The Best Virtual Reality Games Of GDC 2017

03/02/2017 by Matt Bertz | Source: Game Informer
Brass Tactics
Platform: Oculus Rift
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Release: October

Defense Grid 2 developers Hidden Path Entertainment is back with another VR real-time strategy game. This medieval fantasy setting almost looks like the clockwork map from the Game of Thrones title sequence come to life. Players spend currency to reinforce their base, build new structures and create new units to conquer the map before them. The PvP map we played featured a classic three-lane layout, with several towers available for capture where you can place new structures.

The controls are intuitive enough that I felt comfortable after playing for a few hours. Grabbing the table in front of you and flicking the Touch controller was the fastest way for zooming around the map, and the one-touch button makes it easy to grab several units at once to direct them to attack a position on the map.

Hidden Path says Brass Tactics has five campaign missions with a variety of different map designs. Players can also team up for cooperative play with specially designed maps.