The 9 Best Oculus Rift Games That You Can Play Right Now

08/31/2016 by Joe Durbin | Source: UploadVR
Defense Grid 2

Beyond a few secretive sessions on Miniclip during eighth grade computer class, I never really gave the tower defense genre much chance. This made my experience with Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition all that much more delightful.

The simple satisfaction of watching wave after wave of alien scum being obliterated by your ever-more-overwhelming army of over-powered destruction towers is all the more sweet when you can lean in to watch the little buggers fry up close.

Combine that satisfying gameplay with hours of content, deep replayability, and a genuinely entertaining voice cast, and you my friend have a recipe for one of the best VR games on the market.

Now let’s go cook up some filthy alien death.