Introducing Brass Tactics

02/28/2017 by Jeff

Hidden Path Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Mark Terrano is likely best known for his role as the Lead Designer at Ensemble Studios on the real time strategy (RTS) game - Age of Empires II.

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Tycho Tries DG2 VR

09/08/2016 by Jeff

Jerry Holkins (Tycho) of Penny Arcade sat down to play Defense Grid 2 in VR and invited CEO Jeff Pobst along to chat while he played. Check out the video and learn more from behind the scenes on DG2.

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Hypercade Now Available on Gear VR

09/01/2016 by Jeff

Game jams can sometimes create game gems! Check out Hidden Path's latest VR game for the Samsung / Oculus GearVR headset - Hypercade!

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Defense Grid The Board Game Announced

04/05/2016 by Jeff

HPE has partnered with Forged by Geeks to bring Defense Grid board gamer players in early 2017. Over the next year, the community will get to interact with the developers and provide feedback too!

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DG2 VR Launch Days Away

03/24/2016 by Jeff

It's less than a week until the launch of the Oculus Rift head mounted display and along with it Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition! We're hugely excited here at Hidden Path!

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Special Edition Content Available for Upgrade

07/02/2015 by Jeff

Now you can now upgrade your DG2 standard edition to the Steam Special Edition. The upgrade brings you two art book downloads, The Matter of Endurance audio story and the Making of Defense Grid ebook

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Talking Tower Items

02/12/2015 by Jeff

From the mailbag: Kevin emails in asking about DG2 tower item unlocks, what items exist in the game, and what he can do to get the best chance of great items. Here's our response!

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Mac Update Now Live 12/8

12/09/2014 by Jeff

The Mac version of Defense Grid 2 just received a new update with several fixes! Click to read the full update notes.

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A Massive DG2 Beta Update Is Here!

09/11/2014 by Jeff

Hundreds of bug fixes, audio sliders, and new game modes are coming your way!

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Defense Grid 2 - Community Update - 3/26

03/26/2014 by Jeff

Making Defense Grid 2: Fun, PAX East, Beta & Release Dates, and Art books too!

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You Get to Go Behind the Scenes

10/15/2013 by Jeff

In the spirit of development transparency (and thanks to the smartphone capture by producer Dacey Willoughby), join the Defense Grid 2 art team in one of their meetings about laser effects! Pew Pew!

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