Featured Player - Ganjafear

05/10/2013 by trixie360

Featured Player - Ganjafear
You've seen him on the Weekly Challenge leaderboards and may have watched his video guides. Here's our chance to really get to know Ganjafear!

Where do you live?

I live in the capital of Denmark, a small Scandinavian country known mostly for its fierce Vikings, whom I am a proud descendant of. I live with my girlfriend of 5 years, and we have a baby boy on the way, due date august 11th =).

Wow! Congratulations! What do you do for a living?

I used to build windmills, but the company closed the sites in Denmark, so I decided to follow an old dream of becoming an engineer. I am now on my second year of mechanical engineering. I should be done in around three more years. I also work nights at a storage now and then.

How long have you been playing Defense Grid?

I am not sure actually. My account at Hidden Path says I registered to post on the forum at June 2010, so it was probably well before that time I started. This actually means that I have played around 30 minutes a day on average since I bought DG.
What is your favorite map/mode?

For a long time it was any mode on Kill Zone, after that I really enjoyed any mode on Lockdown followed by Portal II (I call it Lockdown II). I generally like all modes except for maybe resource challenges or shredders. I really enjoy making the cheapest/most efficient setup possible, no matter if it is fixed path or juggle play, and in order to do that I enjoy the effect interest has on the game.

What is your favorite tower?

Tesla tower by far, I often use it even when it is not feasible, and I do not care if I place lower on the leaderboards because of it, it is just way too cool not to use. I use laser and inferno way less than most other people, I guess I like taking shields off fast.

What's your favorite DLC?

I like them all a lot. I think they all brought countless of hours of new entertainment to me and everybody else interested in DG. I would actually say that I like them all equally much except for maybe “You Monster” which was a bit behind the other DLCs entertainment wise (for me).

Do you have any tips on playing Defense Grid: The Awakening?

It depends on what people want to achieve. I have lots of tips:
-          Start out as efficient as possible. If you have a strong start you can still place high, even if you are not a fan of backspacing endlessly to get those extra points.

-          If you want to place high on the leaderboards, all it takes is a good idea and good execution. I personally do not (usually) play a lot during the weekly challenges, maybe 4-5 times per challenge week, but I always place in the top10 when I participate. This is due to getting a good start and a good kill zone only. I very rarely optimize my strategies as it gets tedious for me to play the same map over and over again in a short time span, so I leave the top5 for the more dedicated players.

-          Record your games if you have the chance. If you want extra points you can easily see what you did wrong or where you can improve during your game. A bonus from this is that you can always go back and see what you did that one time last year, when you made a highscore but forgot just what you did to achieve it.

-          Watch other people’s videos. I make a video every now and then, so does mien, pdanoe and now Wyatan. I think those are the only people I watch videos from regularly, since the rest of the people making videos seem to lack a lot of understanding of the game. I often see a video where there is no command tower for example or where the kill zone is spread out across the entire map. These are things that will never work out (unless it is an early map with no command tower available of course).

What do you hope to see in Defense Grid 2?

I hope to see a lot more of the same. I am not sure how multiplayer will work out so I am looking forward to seeing that.

I hope that the game stays simple, while still allowing advanced play, just not in the form of stuff like the ability to target specific aliens, taking control of a tower etc. I think that a lot of other tower defense games tried that and all failed, and I really believe that is not the way to go with a game.

I would like to have some truly hard levels. Levels where you do not just get a gold medal on first playthrough by default.  Levels that maybe some of the top players played before they were released and decided what the score for gold should be (let’s say five people play it for a limited amount of time, and the gold score is the average minus 5-10% of the five people’s top score for example).

I would like to play a mode where the aliens became stronger and stronger and came in increasingly more complex waves. Not dynamic waves as this would defeat the purpose of leaderboards, but the same buildup every time, just a lot harder than super grinder and non-juggable on a fixed path for example.  

I would like to see split leaderboards for jugglers/non-jugglers. This would mean that everybody who likes to juggle get twice the content, and that the people who think that they are being held down by jugglers would be proven wrong, since the same 10 people would be on top on the non-juggle boards as well. I really do not want to sound like an ass here, but it is the reality.

I would like to see A LOT more players. The game is awesome and I have no idea why there are not 11 million people playing it right now. It is very fun; you can play for just half an hour and still be entertained. There are both long and short levels, and there is almost always a friend that scored slightly higher than you on some map that you claimed, meaning there is always something to do (beat his/hers score!).

I would also very much like for the issue with cheaters being resolved. Simply just delete any person who score above the theoretical max, it is not possible to do so without a bug or by cheating in some way, so it should be very easily done (and it should have been done a long time ago).

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