Weekly Challenge Results - Forge - Super Grinder

01/31/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Forge - Super Grinder
We played Forge - Super Grinder, and here's what happened:

1 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
2 takista
3 spider323g
4 Max Payne
5 Ganjafear
6 hanbaoluo
7 Treff*Nix
8 Gemini
9 AstraNine
10 vinceycr

Juggle Master's got no complaints this week--he's on top of the heap, followed by takista and spider323g.

Ganjafear made a nice 5-place leap this week, but the big story was Gemini's huge jump from 49 to 8! Welcome to the top ten, Gem!

For this week's challenge we're busting out Containment! Join us in playing Passage - Campaign Reversed.

Remember, the Weekly Challenge is for fun!

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