New Year, New Weekly Challenge Results

01/03/2013 by Trixie360

New Year, New Weekly Challenge Results
You had two whole weeks to make your mark in Center of Power - Grinder. So how'd you do? Read on...

1 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
2 spider323g
3 Treff*Nix
4 Wyatan
5 takista
6 Max Payne
7 hirschquadrat
8 Ganjafear
9 hanbaoluo
10 Magmas  (this username must be read aloud in a Dr. Evil voice, fyi)

The Juggle Master and spider323g are back at their power struggle for the top spot. In this way, 2013 is just like 2012.

Treff*Nix moved up from 8 to 3, hirschquadrat dropped from 3 to 7, hanaboaluo dropped from 7 to 9, and AstraNine dropped just barely out of the top ten, coming in at 11.

Seeming to appear out of thin air, Wyatan makes a Weekly Challenge debut at number 4. Welcome, Wyatan!

Next up: Tactical Diversion - Campaign Challenge. We're back to our regular weekly schedule now, so don't lollygag; get in there and play!

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