Containment Beta is coming!

11/14/2012 by Trixie360

Containment Beta is coming!
We're now in the process of doing an internal beta for Defense Grid: Containment. Next, it will be your turn!

Kickstarter backers whose pledge includes "Early Beta Access" will soon receive Steam keys to the Containment Beta (in the next week or two). At that point the levels will be very basic --they will not include final art, story or dialogue-- because we want you to bash on the game, play it, and give feedback based on gameplay alone and not be distracted by pretty visuals.

After we receive feedback from the Early Beta Access folks, we'll start expanding the beta even further.

What do you need to do to prepare for the Containment Beta? Set aside some time to play, and make sure you check the email you used for backing the Kickstarter campaign.

We're very excited for our supporter community to get their hands on this early version of Containment!

Any questions? Email us at!

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