Infiltration Campaign Challenge Results

11/01/2012 by Trixie360

Infiltration Campaign Challenge Results
Let's take a look at the results for the most recent Defense Grid Weekly Challenge: Borderlands - Infiltration - Campaign Challenge. The Spider and the Juggle Master continued to battle for the top spot, with spider323g edging out Sal by just over 500 points. Apparently our friend Mien has been knighted since last week and climbed from 4th to 3rd place.

Finallly, a big Defense Grid "Welcome to the Top Ten" to takista, and also pmf026 who made a giant leap from last week's 23rd place.

1 spider323g
2 The Juggle Master ( Sal )
3 Sir Mien
4 Max Payne
5 Ganjafear
6 takista
7 AstraNine
8 sawelt
9 vinceycr
10 pmf026

View the whole leaderboard in all its leaderboardy glory here.

Next up: Ancient Research - Out of Bullets. Good luck!

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