Backer T-shirt voting is live!

10/22/2012 by Trixie360

Backer T-shirt voting is live!
The voting is underway for the DG2 Kickstarter t-shirts. Vote for your favorite design in this first round of decision-making. You can vote until you've used up your 15 UserVoice upvotes. You have 15 UserVoice votes total. If you use them all on t-shirt selection, you won't have any left to vote on other stuff until this round is over and your t-shirt votes will be returned to you.

Right now T-shirt Design #18 is in the lead, with #3 and #8 close behind.

Current DG2 Kickstarter backers can access the designs here. If you'd like to back the project and have your voice heard it's not too late. Simply send an email to and get in on the action.

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