Talking Tower Items

02/12/2015 by Jeff

Talking Tower Items
Kevin emailed us at Hidden Path (as many of you do), and while we can't always spend the time to respond to every email that comes in (yes, there are many more of you than there are of us at HPE), this question seemed like it was one that many folks would want to know more about, so here is our private and secret (shhh!) response back to Kevin published here so he can read it without anyone else seeing.

Q: How many upgrades does each tower have in Defense Grid 2 and what exactly is required to unlock them? Is unlocking completely random or will certain upgrades not drop on certain levels/difficulties. Would it be possible for a list of the upgrades for each tower?

A: First question – getting items. Items are dropped periodically in Defense Grid 2. At the end of each mission (except for Prologue), the game rolls to see if you should get a new item and if so what rarity category of item will be awarded (common, uncommon, rare, very rare). The percent chance of you getting any item as well as the percent chance of getting something more rare is increased solely based on the difficulty level chosen (harder is better) and the amount of time played on the level you just completed (longer is better). Specific maps, game modes or game types are not factors.

Once an item rarity is decided to be given to you, it randomly rolls to determine if it will give you a +1 or +2 level item (25% chance of being +2). Then it randomly picks an item from all items in that rarity category. If you already have that item, it adds +1 or +2 to your current level of the item and replaces it (if you don’t have an item it’s considered level 0).

If you already have maxed out that item to level 5, the game re-rolls to randomly pick another item and rarity. It will re-roll up to 5 times. If you have max level (level 5) of all 5 items it tried to award, it skips the drop until the next time so that the award process doesn't tie up the game in an infinite loop.

Second question – what items are in the shipping game? Here is the current list of the final 42 item features that shipped in the release version of the game (some names may have been adjusted near ship):

[c] = common item, [u] = uncommon item, [r] = rare item, [v] = very rare item

Gun (6 items):
[c] Shield Piercing Bullets (ignores shields and inflicts damage directly to alien)
[c] Target Strongest Always
[u] Shield Disrupting Bullets (bonus damage inflicted upon shield)
[u] Scatter Shot (A.O.E. cone with reduced range)
[u] Chemical Tipped Bullets (D.O.T.)
[r] Tachyon Bullets (slows down target)

Inferno (5 items):
[c] Target Strongest Always
[c] Concentrated Fire (higher damage with tighter cone)
[r] Napalm (D.O.T.)
[r] Shield Eroding Chemical Spray (bonus against shields while having reduced damage against everything else)
[v] Torch Bearer (targets pass fire on to any aliens that they come in contact with)

Laser (5 items):
[c] Target Strongest Always
[u] Tachyon Beam (slows down targets more than default slow down while inflicting reduced damage)
[u] Wide Beam (A.O.E. with lower range damage)
[r] Shield Piercing beam (ignores shields and inflicts damage directly to alien)
[r] Shield Disrupting beam (increased damage versus shields)

Cannon(7 items):
[c] Anti-Stealth Ordnance (reveals any stealthed aliens in the vicinity of impact)
[c] Target Strongest Always
[u] Chemical/Drill Tipped Ordnance (D.O.T. damage)
[u] Tagger (target receives temporary reduction in speed when hit)
[u] Anti-Shield Ordnance (increased damage vs shields)
[r] Cluster Cannon Ordnance (A.O.E. cone)
[r] Airburst (A.O.E. at impact)

Meteor (4 items):
[c] Fireball (causes increased D.O.T. heat damage)
[c] Target Strongest Always
[u] Plasmaball (increased duration D.O.T. damage with reduced A.O.E. damage)
[r] Cluster (increased A.O.E. range)

Missile (5 items):
[c] Target Strongest Always
[c] Chemical Tipped Warhead (D.O.T. to target)
[u] Temporal Missile (target slows down for a period of time after hit)
[r] Bonus Damage Vs Fastest
[v] Shrapnel (A.O.E. range increase)

Concussion (3 items):
[c] Fire Bombs (explosive ordnance sets targets on fire for D.O.T. with reduced physical damage)
[c] Anti-Shield Bombs (bonus damage vs shields)
[v] Depth Charges (tower deploys Stealth revealing charges with reduced damage)

Tesla (4 items):
[c] Depth Charger (reveals Stealth aliens hit by chain)
[c] Target Strongest Always
[u] Anti-Shield (greater damage)
[r] D.O.T. Charge (targets remained "charged" after hit by lightning - can be passed to aliens that they come in contact with)

Temporal (3 items):
[c] Increased Slowdown (targets' speed reduction increased with slower pulse rate)
[c] Bonus Vs Core Carriers
[r] Loose Core Speed Booster (loose cores will speed up when in range)

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