Fun for New and Current DG Players

07/03/2011 by Jeff Pobst

Fun for New and Current DG Players

By now you may have noticed that Steam is having their huge summer sale, and Defense Grid is a big part of it.  Today, July 3rd, Defense Grid is 75% off for just the next 24 hours, but throughout the sale, Defense Grid is 50% off.

AND, for the first time ever you can get a discount on Resurgence.  How much of a discount?  Well, how about 100% off or FREE!  But of course there is a catch.

Each day during the Steam Summer Sale, 5 or 6 games on Steam will be revealing a brand new achievement that you can earn.  These achievements are in games that you may already own, or perhaps have been wanting to buy and are now on sale.  All you need to do to get Resurgence for free is collect 3 of those achievements across the dozens of games participating, and then go to the prize booth and pick the Defense Grid Resurgence Map Pack from the list and it's yours.

If you already own Defense Grid, we've got help for you to get Resurgence free too.  We're rolling out a new game mode and achievement today for you in an automatic update called "Out of Bullets."  Five different original levels have the new Out of Bullets game modes in their challenge mode list now:  Ancient Research, Out of Fuel, Barrier to Entry, Veil of Ice, and Guardian's Fall. 

Out of Bullets gives you all the towers to choose from except Gun and Cannon.  This gives you an opportunity to not only look to other towers for primary pathing and baseline destruction, but it also provides a fun way to try out some advanced towers on early levels - Concussion, Temporal and Meteor on Ancient Research is one of my favorites - it's so fun (and strange) to see the (almost) full tower assortment on some of these early levels.

For those of you who have played through Defense Grid's story mode, but haven't gone back to look at the challenge modes available on each level, we think you'll not only find the Out of Bullets modes a lot of fun, we think we'll open up a whole new side of the game that you may not have even known was there.  Watch out - many many hours of fun are ahead.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the Out of Bullets leaderboards, they're fresh, new, and there is a lot of opportunity there for you to show off your great Defense Grid skills early.

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