A Massive DG2 Beta Update Is Here!

09/11/2014 by Jeff

A Massive DG2 Beta Update Is Here!
12 days remain until the launch of Defense Grid 2 and we're going to update the beta now (and perhaps one more time) before launch.

Here are some of the shiny newness you will find with today's update:

- DG Fighter mode added to each level
- Focal Point challenge mode added - your cursor does damage and speeds up the aliens
- Power Outage challenge mode added - towers work only if your cursor or cores are nearby
- New multiplayer matchmaking notifcation UI
- New play while waiting UI
- New Settings Screen - includes Audio sliders!!
- Updated leaderboards and graphs (also resetting leaderboards with this update)
- Now can toggle in-game single player graph to compare against best, last, or friend
- Updated Mission Summary Screen - also can toggle graph comparison in single player
- Updated Loadout screen
- Updated difficulty icon display
- Custom Levels now have multiple screens to separate downloaded vs. in-progress custom levels
- Fixed hundreds of crash bugs and graphics glitches
- Significantly improved performance
- Improved compatibility
- Faster loading times
- DGArchitect update: pick from many more scripts
- DGArchitect update: set modes and scripts for each mode for your map
- DGArchitect update: use automatic wave events to trigger your moving pieces
- Recognize that resuming any previous save games from an earlier version of the beta won't work, so you'll want to restart any mission you were playing.

For DGArchitect folks, be aware that you should be able to open previously created maps, but you will have to resave them with the new editor. Also a few block types have changed (large objects), some FOV settings have changed, and the story mission scripts currently include flythroughs that will be removed later. Note that many of the new scripts require several different spawn point configurations, use the verify tool to find out their needs for now.

Please jump in, play multiplayer, play single player, let us know if you still are having problems or crashes, submit crash dumps, email us at bugs-dg2@hiddenpath.com if you run into anything strange.

The beta will run for at least another week, and then we'll be turning it off and turning on the full game just before launch.

Thanks so much for your help and support!

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