It is GLaDOS

04/15/2011 by Jeff Pobst

It is GLaDOS

It would appear that the worlds of Portal 2 and Defense Grid have become intertwined and GLaDOS is at work.  A new Aperture Science website has gone live and it indicates that Portal 2 may well be released early if enough people play all of the games in the Potato Pack on Steam:


Defense Grid is in there of course, as is Killing Floor, Cogs, Rush, Toki Tori, BIT.TRIP BEAT, 123 Kick It!, Audiosurf, The Wonderful End of the World, Super Meat Boy, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, AAAA!! and The Ball.  All are great games, so I guess if one is going to slave to GLaDOS's purposes, at least one can have fun doing it.  That's something new.


Defense Grid does have new content for you to play on Steam.  There are two new levels added this month, one of them starring your favorite Portal character!  There is also an old computer console (found under the "console" main menu button) that has puzzles, mysteries, and information on some of the people who worked on the Defense Grid program long long ago.  Best of all we learn our AI friend's name for the first time.



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