Go Island Hopping in Windborne

05/20/2014 by

Go Island Hopping in Windborne
Bellevue, WA (May 20, 2014) - Hidden Path Entertainment is excited to announce that its largest Windborne patch to date has landed on Steam. Gamers will be thrilled to see tons of new content. Windborne will be on sale to celebrate starting today, May 20th at 10AM Pacific.

New Features:
See yourself for the first time and customize your appearance
Learn to make clothing and choose your fashion (Order of the Dragon members start with a special surprise)
Share your island with others and visit their islands
New creatures to discover
Tame pets who give you special abilities
Use the researcher table to learn new recipes from items
The sun has returned and the world is much more vibrant
Can you discover the secret of the mysterious lantern and the Nightshade furniture set?
Who is Malik the Cursed and what does he want?

Fly over to Steam today and get your copy of Windborne and see where the winds take you. Click here.