Windborne Dev Profile - Kelly Kristek

01/23/2014 by Kaboom

Windborne Dev Profile - Kelly Kristek
Are you a Seattle native?
Yup, Lived here all my life! And I like the weather, Rain, shine or snow!

If you could time travel back to your childhood bedroom, what toy would you bring back with you?
My original NES system and games, which I still have! So moot point!

Do you have a favorite book or comic?
The Bourne Identity

How about a favorite band?
The Smashing Pumpkins (Their older non-electronica stuff) Although a little more current, The Exies.

If you had an evil lair, where would it be located?
The Bahamas. No wait. Antarctica. I think I might need two lairs… Maybe one good and one evil. Balance is everything you know! (And I’m really indecisive)

What video game do you think changed the industry the most in the last decade?
I feel the last decade of games has gotten more progressive a lot quicker than in the past so it’s harder to define but if I may go older by a few more years, I think games like tomb raider and super Mario 64 changed things quite significantly in really cementing our change from 2D into 3D and really outlining things like quest structures (achieve this) rather than just ‘get to the end of the level. Third person gaming got a lot bigger and the quest type of game play has grown and refined so much and is now usable in almost any type of game and I feel these were pretty big game changers back then.

What exactly do you do on Windborne?
I’m a designer on Windborne. I do a little bit of everything sometimes, but over-all I help define features/items, document them (and update them), and put them into the game hooking art from the artists with the code from the programmers.

What is the most rewarding thing about making video games?
Being able to build experiences for people. I grew playing all these games and taking journeys through the experiences that someone else had created for me ( and everyone) so being able to build a virtual world that is a story and experience for other people to play through is amazing. Knowing that people are having fun with what I’ve helped create and investing their personal time into it is the most rewarding thing for me.