Meet Emily, Our Newest Addition

11/20/2013 by Kaboom

Meet Emily, Our Newest Addition

I was previously at
Microsoft Studios, but now life has taken me here! I'm super excited to be a part
of Hidden Path, and I'm very passionate about both Windborne and the Defense
Grid franchise.

I'll be helping manage the forums, our social channels, and coordinate awesome,
no... SPECTACULAR events like community game nights, live streams, and interviews.
I'm here to help you, and hopefully you can do the same for
me... because I'm struggling to get a gold medal in Defense Grid, ha!

Since some of you are probably busy previewing Windborne or protecting your
cores, I'll make this short and sweet. Here's how you can get to know me in
four convenient bullet points:

- I'm obsessed with cat/otter/panda .gifs and memes.

- I've been a gamer ever since I could pick up a controller! I even played TF2 competitively for a while. 

- On the side, I'm also a big Magic: The Gathering fan and am currently working on (I know, I'm a newbie) building my 2nd deck!

- I've been attending gaming conventions and LAN parties for years now, and I love meeting other gamers.

With that being said, I can't wait to digitally meet you all and hear your gaming stories.

P.S. - Feel free to connect with me on Twitter too! (@kaptainkaboom) 


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