Updated build(s) Tonight

11/14/2013 by Echo

Updated build(s) Tonight

We have a new patch for Windborne out tonight, just 36 hours or so into the Early Preview.  We've fixed almost all the crash bugs that have come in - there are still a couple unique ones we're tracking down, but 90% or so of them have been addressed.

Here are the latest "Known Issues"

- If you crash when looking through the tabs on the side menu (X, J, M keys), you may need to upgrade your NVidia display drivers. If this doesn’t fix it, let us know at info@hiddenpath.com. Thanks! 

- Some of the fine and superb bricks are partially invisible (Fine Granite bricks for example). We'll fix this in a later patch. 

- We're still working on network game stability. 

- Performance across the board should be better, particularly in built up areas 

Bug Fixes 
- Fix a bug where you could craft things with only half the required materials 
- Filter in crafting book works even if you aren't scrolled to the top 
- Increase scroll speed in crafting book 
- Updated Blog and Tutorial links on the launcher 

Let us know what you find.  The team is hard at work, will look at your reports tomorrow, and might, hopefully, catch up on their sleep this weekend, and then get right back at it on Monday.

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